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                                  The changing time !

Nothing will change than changes  !

DES Technology is a new innovation for human disabilities and disorders. It gives absolute results to change the human conditions and rare-disease. For us, it has been a task for thirty long years research and analysis. Human conditions are not disease and not curable by medicine. We have been thinking about why so. Finally, we realized through our research works, every being around us are created with particles. We classified this particle in various classification by nature. And every particle are physical properties that act in each segment of compartment together with space. The action of particles with appropriate space creating the directions to one particle to another particle. It is due to the change of attributes in particles. The change of attributes can be decoded and re-established the particle in their real mandatory form by using the DES mechanism. It creates relation and co-relation again in atomic structure of the cell in a being. Through that any human conditions can be changed. We used the quantum mechanics for the innovation of this technology. Together with QM , there are appropriate technologies added for perfection.

Working method is: Decoding the attributes of the atomic structure in a human cell is the first step. It is a DNA process and through that itself explains the algorithm of disabilities or rare disease using the classified codes of disease and disabilities technically. It defines about the fundamental atom structure of the cells. As per that the other step is preparing the modulation algorithm to reorganize the attributes of the particles. It will work out any human or animal body. It creates a parallel register of the chemical structure of the cell and its definitions. At this stage we can apply an editing to change the chemical structure of the cell by applying some other forces to the particle structure of the cell. It will be changed in 21 cell days. The disabilities and disorders will be disappeared from the body. It is a 20-step application with pre-organized system and application terminology. It can be implemented for small- and large-scale hospitals as part of them. But it should be independent departments for new hospitals and medical collages. A separate management administrative training will be given for existing medical professionals. No drug is included in this technology. Collectively it is process lab for technical application with medical supervision.