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Fundamentally every being has an internal mechanism that act for resistance. The human conditions are not disease. Most of the conditions has aesthetical imbalance and deformities. This kind of deformities will be normalizing upon the disabilities changed or normalized. A disability can be changed to normalcy in maximum three weeks’ time. In the study of HIV, we found that, the body converting to a condition for acting as suspender to produce some kind of chemicals which is mandatory to produce resisting chemicals. In such situations, DES application shows attaining immunity well and the damaged body shows healthy and active.In the case of all rare disease are shown the same result.

There are unlimited number of disabilities connected with a human life. Major disabilities are noticed publicly. Every human body that separates the individuality and difference. Every human body has definitions collectively. When DES technologies adding with existing medical systems every human problem can be formalizable or curable. In DES Technologies, the human body is defining in different measures by a new decoding system. This decoding gives  what are the fundamental differences in that particular body which ruling to a specific condition lead to an odd definition. That definition can be any disability or a rare disease or a deformity. The deformities are basically the inabilities of some physical micro particles of the body and that will act as damaged non-contacted area of the body. Activating that non-conducted particles make the body active and body will convert in to normalcy. This mechanism is converting in 21 days with in all human body.   The human conditions and rare disease are seeing differently. No external chemicals are using at any stage, other than medical causes and that is not related to the application terminology of this system. (1. This is an innovative technology good for adding with existing medical system. 2.  No external chemicals and drugs used with this technology, that can be establish in schools, collages, Hospitals and other health related public institutions.3. This is not an offer to any individuals but an information to the Government, research institutions, and statuary bodies)