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We are a research organization started to research about mysteries in the universe.  Our research has been started for academic interest in the beginning. In few years we became very serious upon understanding principle theories of Physics connecting with day to day life and nature. Our area of research has been the religions and theologies and philosophies. We understand in every religious approach there are some because they preached philosophically. But the focus in one general human problem. In our research work, we decoded the philosophy of all religions in the world and studied deeply. It gives us more focus to philosophies to physics. We have no doubt there are deep relations between religious philosophy and modern physics. The specimen we used the are cites across the world and related actions.

Following are few among the cite  we where used as our natural laboratory to study about the natural phenomena that process  around us.

1.    Salalah Anti Gravity Point, Oman: This particular attraction is near Tawi Atair / Mirbat and you should be able to visit this place while going to Mirbat (Oman). The main reason it is famous is that of its unique properties through which any vehicle can move up the hill at a speed of 40 – 60 kilometres per hour. Your car could be at neutral and your engine wouldn’t be functioning, and the result would be such a situation where the car is just moving on its own. The reason for this upside travel of the hill is believed to be because of the existence of an antigravity point, that is - there is no gravity on that point and so the car is able to move uphill. People usually go to this place after visiting Wadi Darbat and driving for 20 to 30 minutes on the eastern side. There are many alternative routes too. There’s a logical, yet the surprisingly amazing explanation for this phenomenon though. In theory, an anti-gravity point shouldn’t exist, and it doesn’t. Unlike space, cars don’t fly around, and objects don’t move around in the air. Therefore, gravity exists. So then why do cars go uphill with their engines shut and gears on neutral? As per sources, a gravity hill (or a magnetic hill, mystery hill etc.) is “a place a place where the layout of the surrounding land produces an optical illusion, making a slight downhill slope appear to be an uphill slope.” There are many beliefs that this phenomenon is, in fact, magnetic or supernatural which may be true considering science hasn’t been able to explain it completely without assuming a lot of factors. For example, the above-mentioned explanation comes with the assumption that this illusion happens because of the absence of a clear horizon to view, which gives them a reference point. However, because there is no ideal scenario, there is no way to prove it for sure. The Salalah Anti Gravity Point is approximately 27 kilometres away from Taqa while driving to Mirbat and through this one-kilometre stretch of the Anti Gravity Point, you can really witness how different nature can act to adjust to the surroundings.

2.    Agsthyakodam, Kerala, India: Also known as the heaven on Earth, Kerala has a lot of natural beauties and peaks. Agsthyakodam is known for pigmy plants, dwarf wild animals, pygmy elephants (Kallanakal in the local language) and is the second highest peak in Kerala. It has a lot of interesting theories and legends associated with it. A very famous pilgrimage site for those who are devoted to the Hindu sage Agastya, it is also one of the very few gravitation points. This site is inside a wildlife sanctuary which provides for amazing sceneries. The famous sage (monk), Agastya, one of the dwarfs, who the devotees’ worship to is also believed to be the founder of Tamil. What makes it most entertaining is the fact that there are many dwarf plants and elephants among other animals that exist and generate on a regular basis. There are various proofs suggesting that many human beings including sage Agastya were attacked by dwarfism, and since then it has been a thing for those hills. Agastya is believed to be only three and a half feet and his statements have a lot of proven examples of how the hills in this forest area show the nature of dwarfism.

3.    Hessdalen lights, Norway: If you love lights, the first area you need to visit is one of the Scandinavian countries. In the Hessdalen valley, you should be able to spot a 12 km long light called the Hessdalen lights. The origin of the lights is unknown, and studies have been happening for a long time as to why these lights have been occurring. These lights appear over a stretch in different colours ranging from yellow to red to green. Traditionally, they’re also called the Northern Lights. They can be viewed in the most random times during the year. They were spotted way more often in the 1980s but have only been spotted 10-20 times per year in the past decade or so. There have been constant studies since 1983 where they have been trying to figure out a theory, but they still don’t have a hypothesis. Somehow, the light emission and appearance behave as a source of energy which converts to light.

4.    Taos Hum, New Mexico: Taos located in north-central New Mexico has been home to many disturbing stories and amazing people. There is a sound emission known as the Taos Hum which sets physical and mental discomfort across two present communities in Taos. During the 1950s, reports started trickling from people who had never heard such unusual sounds before and they were suddenly hit by a very annoying, low frequency and throbbing humming sound. Sometimes instead of a throbbing sound, it also portrayed a rumbling sound. Normally, the hum is heard indoors and is louder during the nights if compared to the day. Apart from that, another important thing to understand is that it is common in rural or suburban environments. Reports of hums are very rare in urban areas, which could be because of the consistent and steady background noises coming from the city Centre. Various reasons have been given by various people for these sounds ranging from supernatural to psychological, but till date, we haven’t found a proper reason for these sounds.

5.    Lake Karachay, Russia: Lake Karachay, also known as Karachai or Karachaj was a small water body in central Russia. This lake was located in the Ural Mountains. Since 1951, lake Karachy has been used as a dumping site for a lot of radioactive waste from Mayak (nearby nuclear waste storage and reprocessing facility). Nowadays, the lake is completely filled with this waste and acts as a dry nuclear waste storage facility. In many areas, Karachay means the Black Sea, and this name probably comes from the legend established around the lake that it produces hot water frequently in the area. This is believed to be true because of various reasons, but the most logical explanation would be the nuclear plants emitting heat and the water acting as a conductor. (no legit source for this last heating part)

6.    Kalachi, Kazakhstan: Kalachi, also known as Kalachevskiy is a small locality in the Esil District of Akmola region in Kazakhstan. As per reports in 2014, one-fifth of the population was affected with a sleep syndrome called the “Sleep Hollow” resulting in lots of unique and unacceptable behaviours. Two villages were mainly affected and it took up to 6 days for a person to properly recover when he (or she) fell asleep if he (or she) had this syndrome. By 2015, half the city wanted to migrate and relocate due to this phenomenon. It was later found out by experts that this was happening due to increased carbon monoxide levels due to an abandoned mine nearby which cause oxygen levels to fall.

7.    Catatumbo Lightning, Venezuela: Catatmbo lightning is a very interesting atmospheric phenomenon that takes place in Venezuela. As per previous sightings, it only occurs over the mouth of Catatumbo river where the bog forms after which it empties into Lake Maracaibo. This lightning originates due to a mass of storm clouds which are at a height at least above 1 km. These storms are most probably occurring because of the winds blowing around the Maracaibo lake and surrounding swampy plains; these air bridges, rather without any choice meet the high mountain ridges of the Perija Mountains, Andes and Merida’s Cordillera, which encloses the plain from all three sides. The heat and moisture that is collected across the plains tend to create electrical charges and result in lightning and thunderstorm activity. The lightning occurs on an average of 140 to 160 nights a year which means up to 280 hours per day, taking the daily average at 10 hours per day too.

8.    Fairy Circle, Namibia: Namibia is a country in Southern Africa and is really famous for having these patches of land called Fairy circles. Contradictory to what their name suggests, these are actually a circle of areas usually ranging from 2 to 15 meters in diameters that have patches of barren land with no plants. These fairy circles are often surrounded by stimulating and growing grass. The origins of Fairy circles in Namibia have been debated by scientists and researchers in various stages. There have been two leading debates when it comes to explaining why this happens. The first reason given is that these empty patches are created because of termites under the soil, that usually end up clearing the vegetation in the area around their homes (nests). The second leading reason is that the plants are competing for water in the scorching heat and this results in fairy circle being created.

9.    Boiling River, Peru: In the dense Amazon jungles lies this magical river. The boiling river falls under the land of the Peruvian Amazon and is a roiling river. Average temperatures in the river are 86 degrees, which is just 14 degrees away from boiling itself. These waters are guided by ivory coloured stones and lots of surrounding flora and fauna. Locals for a long time believed (till a scientist went to the river and found out the truth) that the river was holy and sacred, hence possessing healing powers. The shamans even incorporated it into their medicines.

10.    Kettle Falls, USA: Known for being a small town with having big hearts, Kettle Falls have taken “using your assets” to a whole new level when it comes down to being famous. Located in the state of Minnesota, Kettle Town is a place for creating bonds. Also, on your way to the falls, you can see Lake Roosevelt which has a nice sense of history to it, and it’s also beautiful. The most amazing thing about this place though is an unusual waterfall located on the banks of river Brule. About 2.4 km from its mouth, the river splits into two halves to flow around a piece of rock. The eastern flow goes over a two-step waterfall and keeps continuing downstream. 

Similarly, we have used more than 200 natural cites to understand about the particle science and its actions. It is an interesting phenomenon happening around us and we are happy to analysis it scientifically for the survival, resistance, recreation and knowledge. The most of the natural metabolism shall be changeable after understanding it will. We used to establish technologies is from naturally. It is physics. The more you can understand the key used for the innovations.

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