Innovators for the technologies that make beings happy with in the common space of Earth An initiative of Guru Yogi Mohan

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The innovations of science and technologies are for the existence for the next generation. Now we have perfect precision technologies for human disabilities, conditions and rare disease. Adding another milestone to the history of discoveries

Customized technologies for human well being 

Human disabilities, rare disease, hormonal disorders and genetic problems has been medical conditions so far. Now we innovated more than 200 applications and discoveries is capable to eliminated and cure all disabilities and rare disease in a few weeks. Now these novel technologies will be the part of health science to the world and we hope in few years’ world will be disability free

As the result of long thirty years and thousands of trails and errors we have changed the perspective of observation and findings. We wanted to solve the agony of the human microcosm


The technology innovators for human existence, survival and prevention.

DES Technologies are the formulas for human conditions and rare disease as part of our Mega Project MISSION 2025.



Disability Elimination Science (DES)

As per the DES, human conditions can be changed in few weeks. Because it changes fundamental body

Fast Performance

The ultimate theory of creation using all possibilities of modern science.

Technical Support

We provide technical support for setting up the complete transfer of technology with customization

Top Training

Provides absolute training for medical and non-medical staffs for every institution partnering with us for the technology

It is a System of Science that change all human conditions. We are happy to change the Disabled world to a happy one. Our future technologies are capable to change it perfectly to new world

Personalize Your Experience

Every disability and rare disease are unique for everyone. Our formulas and automated technologies are capable to switched every uniqueness to normalcy. We have definition for each and every behaviors of the atom of the human cells.

Accessible from All Locations

As the part of our world project, Mission 2025, we are dedicated to establish technology level backup across the world to provide technical implementation and practical training for the state and institutions working in the field of health. We aim to eradicate disabilities and disorders from the face of earth.


We've Come a Long Way

The true tradition of innovations

We have more than 200 technologies connecting with new areas of human life and nature. Recreation of the human body is the prime technology that we developed ever. The true experience with our area of expertise proves that the universe is created with different particles. Every particle has a chronology with specific algorithm in it. We can recreate it when we understand the characterization and technical deployment in triangle manner. We respect nature , physics and God


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